297th Eglinton Parkrun 26 Jan 2019

Another super turnout at the parkrun and from our own club. There were 240 took part making it the second largest number of runners taking part. Fit Ayrshire Dads took over the stewardship of the event for the day and what a super job they did right up there with the high quality of stewardship we are used to so hats off to the new boys. Our club will be doing the same at the end of March so no pressure. On the day we had 13 members represent the club on a comparately dry day overhead but a lot of large puddles to contend with as well as a bit of a breeze.


Alan Douglas           19.38

Jim Sneddon             21.48

Joe McNamee          23.56 VM60-64

Peter Taylor             24.12 VM65-69

Stewart Devlin        25.00

John Surgenor          25.03

Alison Gartland         25.16

Jennie Jackson           26.46 VW55-59

Joyce Stewart            30.11

Layna Thompson     30.23

Catherine Moffat     31.28

Gillian Thomson       34.03

Jim White                   34.59


Well done to all our runners who took part on Saturday on here's to the net one on the way towards the 300th Eglinton Parkrun.

Hillbilly 10km Race - Sunday 17th February

Anyone wishing a challenging hill run then this is the race for you. Race is aptly named and includes two huge ascents to well over 250 metres. This is not for the faint hearted. Ten members of Irvine Running Club decided to take on this challenge.


The weather conditions were not ideal with heavy rain and a strong wind at the start of the race. Decisions were being made by all entrants on what to wear. Club vest, long sleeve, short sleeve, rain jacket or some combination of them all?


The men seemed willing to brave the elements with all wearing just the club vest. This proved no hindrance whatsoever with Ross Harvey, who although 13 years older than the winner, came a close second with only 36 seconds separating them. His time of 37m and 45 seconds saw him running on average a 6 -minute mile despite the huge hills, and rough terrain.


The remaining men of Alan Douglas, Owen McWilliams, Andrew Holloway and Mark Sands all came in the top twenty in a field of nearly three hundred runners with Alan third in his age group category.


The ladies did themselves proud with veteran runner Susan Rhodes completing the race in just over the hour and missing out on third place in her age category by seconds. She was quickly followed by Joyce Stewart, who although a much newer member of the club tackled the hills and steep muddy downhills and finished in a very respectable 1 hour, 7 minutes.  


There was a little competition going on between two other new members, Catherine Moffat and Layna Thompson who crossed the line within metres of one another. Finally our newest veteran to the club (and Mum of Layna) managed to complete the course after a very nasty tumble at 9km. Despite having to attend hospital to have stitches for the wound she received, she showed true character and great courage to complete the challenging course.