22/02/2020 Race Report

The club were competing at the main event of the Scottish winter season which is the National cross-country championships at Callendar Park, Falkirk. This event attracts runners from clubs the length and breadth of the country and includes many Scottish internationalists and national champions. Over 100 clubs were represented with the senior men’s event having over 800 entries. Cross-country running is probably the toughest of the athletics disciplines and the severe weather on the day added to the difficulty of the race. The senior race consisted of three laps around the grounds of Callendar park giving a total distance of just over 10K. Most of the course was a mud-bath and from the gun the runners also had the added problem of running into a severe hailstorm for the first mile. Due to the conditions quite a few runners dropped out of the race but the five from Irvine stuck in and made it to the end. First in for the club was Michael Rimicans who is gradually improving his racing times and positions with a time of 41:33 and 119th position which is just outside the target top 100 which he should get into over the next few years. Alex Allerdyce was next in for the club with a good time of 44:03 to take 202nd position with another improving runner Owen McWilliams next in with a time of 45:30 to take 250th place. Mark Livingstone who has been nursing a hamstring injury ran a careful race to finish next Irvine runner in with a time of 47:46 and 330th place with Colin Miller finishing with a time of 52:02 in 479th place. Unfortunately due to a few late call-offs the club were unable to have the required six finishers for a team but nonetheless it was more important to be represented at this prestigious event.

At the local Eglinton parkrun Billy Richardson on his return from injury finished first with a time of 19:15 in a slightly longer route due to the severe weather.

Hopefully Billy will be back racing injury free for the club on road and cross-country.

Other park run times for Irvine runners were:
George Irving 21.41, Stuart Moffat 23.13, John Surgenor 23.46, Jim Sneddon 24.10,

Jennie Jackson 24.19, Joe McNamee 25.46, Peter Taylor 26.43, Susan Rhodes  29.45,

Joyce Stewart 31.24, Layna Thompson, Teri Evans 32.59


The next national event for the club is the Scottish six stage relay championships at Livingstone at the end of March.

16/02/2020 Newspaper Report

Once again sprinter John McGarry has gained national titles for an Irvine athlete with his fine victories in both the 60 and 200 metres races at the Scottish masters indoor championships, at the Emirates stadium. Competing in the over 65 age group John took gold in the shorter sprint event with a time of 8.76 seconds then followed this up in the longer  race with a time of 29.36. Over the years John has picked up many Scottish and British indoor and outdoor championship medals and he doesn’t look like slowing down just yet.

On the roads both Michael Rimicans and Owen McWilliams lined up at the Glasgow University five mile road race. This race is used as a final tester for the National Cross-country championships next weekend and attracts a good quality field. Both Irvine runners ran well with Michael finishing 13th in an excellent time of 28:39 with Owen not far behind in 24th place and just over the thirty minute barrier with another good time of 30:12.

On Sunday six hardy runners from the club ignored the current storm and headed off to Dalmellington to take part in the hillbilly 10K. This has become a popular event and attracted a field of 298 runners. First Irvine runner across the line was Mark Sands in 14th position with a time of 44:21 with Owen McWilliams on his second race of the weekend only one place behind with a time of 44:42. Stuart Moffat was 53rd in a time of 50:32 with club president Peter Taylor finishing 122nd with a time of 58:09. For the ladies, club captain Susan Rhodes was 141st in a time of 60:31 and Catherine Moffat  proving what husband Stuart can do then so can she was 266th in a time of 79:11.

At the local Eglinton park run times for Irvine runners were:
Stuart Moffat 22.23, John Surgenor  23.19, Jim Sneddon 23.41, Joe McNamee 24.36, Mike Flinn 24:43,  
Peter Taylor 26.09, Jim White 29.23, Joyce Stewart 29.47, Susan Rhodes 29.47, Teri Evans 32.43, Janet Robertson 

09/02/2020 Newspaper Report

Three members from the club were competing in the British Universities cross-country championships at Holyrood park in Edinburgh on a course which a few years ago was the venue for the world cross-country championships. The race attracts students from all across the UK and included some top GB internationalists in the line up. The first race was the shorter 8K event with Owen McWilliams representing Glasgow and Lee Shaw representing Strathclyde taking part. Both Irvine runners ran well to finish midway in the placings  from over 600 runners with Owen finishing in a time of 32:39 with Lee not far behind with a time of 33:15. In the longer 10K race Michael Rimicans was representing St Andrews and once again finished in the middle of the field with a time of 39:54

Still on the cross-country theme which is the tradition for winter racing the club were competing at the Scottish masters cross-country championships at Johnstone. This was the first time the event has been held there and it proved to be a testing course mainly due a strong headwind in places most probably caused be the start of storm Ciara. Unfortunately the club had a few late call-offs and only three runners made the start line. The second race of the day was for runners between the age of 40 and 65 with individual age related competitions within the race. First finisher for the club was Alex Allardyce who, after a cautious start, came through to take 53rd place with a time of 32:14 for the 8K distance. This also gave him 14th place in his over 45 age group category. Next finisher was Colin Miller who finished in 129th place with a time of 35:51 to finish 12th in the over 60 group. In the over 50 group, Stuart Moffat running his first ever cross-country and in full marathon training was next across the line, finishing 178th in a time of 38:54.

At the local Eglinton park run times for Irvine runners were:
Owen McWilliams 18.31, George Irving 20.51, Jim Sneddon 22.34, John Surgenor  22.54, Mike Flinn 24.00, Peter Taylor 24.41, Liz Duncan 27.21, Joe McNamee 27.42, Joyce Stewart  30.37, Teri Evans 32.53, Catherine Moffat 33.38, Layna Thompson 33.40, Janet Robertson  35.23

26/01/2020 Newspaper Report

Irvine Running Club were competing in  the national masters road relay championships at Strathclyde park. The race is for Scottish club members aged 35 and over and is an eagerly anticipated event due to it being the first championship race of the calendar year. Fortunately the conditions were a bit different to last year when the weather consisted of a strong headwind and rain with this year a gentle breeze and drizzle. Irvine had a good turnout of two men’s and one women’s team and a composite consisting of two men and two women. At the start line 55 men’s and 28 women’s teams lined up for the 3.65 mile loop legs. For the men’s ‘A’ team Mark Sands who is showing continual improvement as he trains towards a spring marathon ran the first leg and got the team into the mix handing over in 25th place with a time of 22:08. For the ‘B’ team Jim Sneddon ran the first leg in 25:35 to finish in 50th place with Gavin McNally running his first championship race for the club having an excellent run to finish in 45th place in a time of 24:25 for the ‘C’ team. The ladies had club captain Susan Rhodes running first and she handed over in 24th place in the ladies race with a time of 30:21. The second leg had Alex Allerdyce taking over for the ‘A’ team and he picked up three places to finish 22nd in a time of 21:48 with Scott Brown taking eleven places, which was the most places picked up by an Irvine runner on the day, to hand over in 39th place with a time of 22:06. The ‘C’ team had Liz Duncan on the second leg and she finished in 52nd place with a time of 30:56 with Teri Evans maintaining Irvine’s position of 24th in the women’s race with a time of 35:04. On the third leg, Mark Livingstone, also training for a spring marathon, picked up another three places to hand over in 19th position for the ‘A’ team with a time of 22:18 with Colin  Miller picking up three places for the ‘B’ team to finish in 36th position in a time of 23:43. Club president Peter Taylor, leading by example, brought the ‘C’ team into 45th position with a time of 27:59 with Jennie Jackson running the last leg and posting the fastest time for the Irvine women coming home in  20th position with a time of 26:22. The final leg on the men’s race had Colin Whitby, who had recently posted a personal best time when he placed 3rd at this year’s Ayr 10K, running the last leg. Obviously in good form he moved the ‘A’ team up from 19th to a final position of 12th and was the fastest Irvine runner and 21st fastest overall on the day with a time of 20:07. Men’s club captain Alan Douglas recently returned to racing pulled in another three places for the ‘B’ team with a time of 24:29 to finish in a final position of 33rd with Mary Miller bringing the ‘C’ team into 44th place with a time of 35:42.

At the local Eglinton park run times for Irvine runners were:
John Surgenor 22.51, Peter Taylor 24.15, Mike Flinn 24.26, Joe McNamee 24.37, Jennie Jackson 28.24, Joyce Stewart 28.46, Jim White 30.13, Susan Rhodes 35.22, Janet Robertson 38.43, Daniel Mair 41.45, Emma Mair 41.46


At the Troon parkrun Paul Lafferty finished 2nd in a time of 17:50.

297th Eglinton Parkrun 26 Jan 2019

Another super turnout at the parkrun and from our own club. There were 240 took part making it the second largest number of runners taking part. Fit Ayrshire Dads took over the stewardship of the event for the day and what a super job they did right up there with the high quality of stewardship we are used to so hats off to the new boys. Our club will be doing the same at the end of March so no pressure. On the day we had 13 members represent the club on a comparately dry day overhead but a lot of large puddles to contend with as well as a bit of a breeze.


Alan Douglas           19.38

Jim Sneddon             21.48

Joe McNamee          23.56 VM60-64

Peter Taylor             24.12 VM65-69

Stewart Devlin        25.00

John Surgenor          25.03

Alison Gartland         25.16

Jennie Jackson           26.46 VW55-59

Joyce Stewart            30.11

Layna Thompson     30.23

Catherine Moffat     31.28

Gillian Thomson       34.03

Jim White                   34.59


Well done to all our runners who took part on Saturday on here's to the net one on the way towards the 300th Eglinton Parkrun.

Hillbilly 10km Race - Sunday 17th February

Anyone wishing a challenging hill run then this is the race for you. Race is aptly named and includes two huge ascents to well over 250 metres. This is not for the faint hearted. Ten members of Irvine Running Club decided to take on this challenge.


The weather conditions were not ideal with heavy rain and a strong wind at the start of the race. Decisions were being made by all entrants on what to wear. Club vest, long sleeve, short sleeve, rain jacket or some combination of them all?


The men seemed willing to brave the elements with all wearing just the club vest. This proved no hindrance whatsoever with Ross Harvey, who although 13 years older than the winner, came a close second with only 36 seconds separating them. His time of 37m and 45 seconds saw him running on average a 6 -minute mile despite the huge hills, and rough terrain.


The remaining men of Alan Douglas, Owen McWilliams, Andrew Holloway and Mark Sands all came in the top twenty in a field of nearly three hundred runners with Alan third in his age group category.


The ladies did themselves proud with veteran runner Susan Rhodes completing the race in just over the hour and missing out on third place in her age category by seconds. She was quickly followed by Joyce Stewart, who although a much newer member of the club tackled the hills and steep muddy downhills and finished in a very respectable 1 hour, 7 minutes.  


There was a little competition going on between two other new members, Catherine Moffat and Layna Thompson who crossed the line within metres of one another. Finally our newest veteran to the club (and Mum of Layna) managed to complete the course after a very nasty tumble at 9km. Despite having to attend hospital to have stitches for the wound she received, she showed true character and great courage to complete the challenging course.

303rd Eglinton Parkrun 23rd March 2019


A far better morning weather wise where we weren't shivering waiting for the off. The underfoot conditions were far better than last week but that was the worst I've run in for a while. There were still quite substantial puddles but a lot more shallow. We had 14 runners out of the 166 strong field. Here are our results:


David Blane                     18.54 -  1st VM50-55

Lee Shaw                          19.14  - 1st SM20-24

Alan Douglas                   19.47 - 1st VM35-39

Jim Sneddon                    21.45

Stuart Moffat                  22.45

Peter Taylor                    22.54 - 1st VM65-69

Jennie Jackson                23.13 - 1st VW55-59

John Surgenor                 23.42 - 1st VM60-64

Joe McNamee                   24.24

Joyce Stewart                  30.02

Layna Thomson              30.38

Catherine Moffat            31.25

Liz Colquhoun                  32.45

Gillian Thompson           33.14


We had 3 of the first four finisher with David and Lee giving us a 1/2. Quick progress for big Stu in his comeback from injury. David had a rating of 79.98% on the day while Jennie had a whopping 80.11% on a day which was better than last week but still challenging as it is even when the conditions are ideal. These are super marks considering the difficulty of the course. Once again our Susan represented us as a marshall. Well done to everyone on the day. Next week sees our club take over the stewardship for a day.

March 2019 Racing News

On Friday 22nd March Irvine’s Ross Harvey made the trip to Strathclyde Park for the inaugural Nite Lite 10k with nearly 400 taking part. From the start Ross took to the front alongside Douglas Roberts and battled it out for the first five miles race before Ross was able to establish a gap and cross the line in first place in a time of 35 minutes and 51 seconds.


At the 3k on the Green which is run on a route round Glasgow Green at lunchtime on the last Friday of the month, Irvine’s Colin Whitby ran a fantastic new PB of 9 minutes 30 seconds to finish in ninth place out of 250 runners knocking 6 seconds off his previous best time. He will now turn his attention to the Manchester Marathon where another PB will be in his sights.

David Millar travelled to Strathclyde Park for the Tom Scott 10 mile Memorial Road Races on Sunday 31st. David ran a very impressive time of 53:49, which earned him 9th place overall and 1st V40.


Owen McWilliams took part in the inaugural Roon the Park 5k at Dean Castle Country Park in Kilmarnock on Sunday 31st. He managed to get in a podium position with his time of 19:13 earning him 3rd place

310rd Eglinton Parkrun 11th May 2019

Once again the weather was ideal and the course was as dry as I've seen it so all good for a super run. Before the start there was a wee celebration for three of our young ladies about to complete milestones. Mother and daughter Janet and Layna were taking part in their 100 parkruns while rookie Catherine was running her 50th already. Congratulations and well done girls. Once again young Paul was first runner home, that now makes 35 times he has achieved this feat, well done young man. Big Stuart is now back to his pre-injury times. Just for the special day it was Layna had her 3rd PB in 6 weeks. Joyce who clocked the same time as Layna was doing her 2nd PB in three runs. Superb girls. For the second week I have run my best time of the year but still a long way to go to get back to my pre-injury times. Here are our times:


Paul Lafferty                   18.38 1st SM25-29  

Stuart Moffat                  21.26

John Surgenor                 23.09 - 1st VM60-64   

Mike Flinn                         24.01 - 1st VM65-69   

Peter Taylor                     25.52       

Layna Thompson           28.30 PB                   

Joyce Stewart                  28.30 PB

Catherine Moffat           31.50                                                                

Janet Robertson             32.36

Gillian Thomson             33.02        


There was a field of 182 took part in the Parkrun with ten from our club. Well done and many thanks to all who represented the club at the weekend                                                                                                                                                      

348th Eglinton Parkrun 8th Feb 2020

Another week another parkrun with 13 members running for the club. It was a windy day but slightly better underfoot than last week but still some excellent running. The event was won by young Owen with his best time since 2018 so he is back to full fitness at last and gets his third win at Eglinton. Next home was big George with his first run of the year, George has also been a winner at this event. There was also another super run from Mike who over four weeks has gradually taken a minute and a half off his time obviously the £300 he must have on the new supersonic charged shoes have helped. There was also a nice first run of the year for Liz. Layna was a bit distracted with a stitch which is no fun during a run.Janet came back to some form this weekend with a time only 3 seconds behind her best of the year. Well done to all on representing the club so well and congratulations to young Owen getting home first. The results are below.

Owen McWilliams   18.31  1stSM20-24

George Irving          20.51  1stVM55-59

Jim Sneddon           22.34  1stVM50-54

John Surgenor        22.54  1stVM60-64

Mike Flinn               24.00  1stVM65-69

Peter Taylor            24.41  1stVM70-74

Liz Duncan             27.21

Joe McNamee        27.42

Joyce Stewart        30.37

Teri Evans              32.53

Catherine Moffat    33.38

Layna Thompson   33.40

Janet Robertson    35.23