Newspaper Reports

Irvine Running Club Report 11/04/2021

Irvine Running Club held the third of their virtual relays over a distance of 50Km. Each team consisted of four runners but unlike the previous relays where each member ran a similar distance the distances varied from 5Km to 20Km. Five teams took part with the winning team consisting of Colin Patterson, Stuart Moffat, Alison Gartland and Michael Rimicans posting a cumulative time of 3 hours 43 minutes and 12 seconds. Final distances and times were Team-1 4:03:32 (Jennie Jackson (10Km, 47:25), Mark Sands (10Km, 52:25), Billy Richardson (20Km, 1:16:54), Mary Miller (10Km, 1:06:50)). Team-2 4:11:29 (Liz Duncan (10Km, 52:47), Steven McDougall (17Km, 1:24:57), Graeme McFarlane (18Km, 1:27:17), Mike Flinn (5Km, 26:28)). Team-3 4:16:20 (Teri Evans (10Km, 57:11), Alex Allardyce (15Km, 1:00:33), Colin Miller (10Km, 47:36), Susan Rhodes (15Km, 1:31:00)). Team-4 4:02:23 (Jim Sneddon (15Km, 1:07:49), George Irving (15Km, 1:04:53), Stacey Anderson (10Km, 1:09:03), Mark Livingstone (10Km, 42:38)). Team-5 3:43:12 (Colin Patterson (10Km, 51:05), Stuart Moffat (20Km, 1:28:14), Alison Gartland (5Km, 26:55), Michael Rimicans (15Km, 56:58)).

Irvine Running Club Report 14/03/2021

As the current pandemic has caused all races to be cancelled Irvine Running Club have been organising virtual races in order to give their members some kind of competitive events. These events have consisted of relays with four members being in a randomly picked team who then select a route of their choice over the pre-determined distance. The most recent event was a four by 3K distance and when the times were gathered the winning team consisted of Mike Flinn (15:51), Susan Rhodes (14.55), George Irving (11:14) and Michael Rimicans (9:58). The times for the three fastest men were quite close and these were Michael Rimicans (9:58), Billy Richardson (10:06) and Craig Houston (10:10). For the women, the fastest three were May Sharp (12:15), Jennie Jackson (12:44) and Liz Duncan (14:51).


Still on the virtual racing theme, Jennie Jackson was competing in the British Masters one mile challenge which attracts runners from all over Britain. Jennie Placed 3rd in the over 60 category and had the added bonus of being the fastest Scottish runner with an excellent time of 6:29.


With all physical activities either cancelled or postponed and being unable to meet for training the club has been preparing for the future by getting members onto the coaching courses organized by Scottish Athletics. Once complete the registered coaches will be involved in all areas of athletics for Juniors and Seniors and the various jogging groups. With this structure in place the club will be re-launching the junior section and will be organizing various initiatives for juniors to come along to the club once it is safe to do so. The club previously had a large and successful junior section, but it has dwindled over the last few years but now with having qualified coaches available the club is keen to start building the junior section once more. For anyone wanting further information on the club then contact details can be found on the club website at website at


The club couchto5K will be starting on Tuesday 6th April and this is a good way to start your running journey in similar company. The club has had many runners coming through from the couchto5K sessions who are now confident in running over various distances. For further information contact our couchto5K coordinator Janet Robertson at   

Irvine Running Club Race Report 15/11/2020

Irvine Running Club held their annual Chic Forbes memorial handicap at the weekend on a very wet and muddy course at Eglinton Park. Due to current restrictions and in order to adhere to Scottish Athletics policy the event was restricted to members of IRC and split into two separate handicaps. The first race was for the ladies and was set off at 8:30am and at that time the rain had decided to take a well earned break. Twelve ladies had decided to tackle the two mile course on the Eglinton Park paths which was more akin to a cross-country course due to the amount of mud and water on the surface. New member Fiona  Howie who has come through the club couchto5k program set off first with a 14:30 start over the scratch runner Jennie Jackson. With the pack behind gradually pulling her in she made a final effort over the last four hundred metres to finish in first place with a fast finishing Teri Evans coming through to take second place, 34 seconds behind with Carol Wylie, another couchto5k graduate taking third place. Starting off last Jennie Jackson posted the fastest time for the ladies with an impressive 13:43.


At 9:30am the rain had restarted for the men’s handicap with Peter Taylor starting off first and holding on to finish first, with Stuart Moffat second and Mike Flinn third.  however it wasn’t enough to take the trophy as that was won by Fiona Howie in the first race. The club had some of the big guns appearing in the men’s race and Ross Harvey also running off scratch stormed through to finish in 10:28 which was the fastest time of the day. Billy Richardson also posted an excellent time of 11:18 with new member Craig Houston giving an indication of his potential finishing third fastest with 11:24. It was also good to see Owen McWilliams back after a long lay-off with injury.


Full results in order of time taken were: Ross Harvey(10:28), Billy Richardson(11:18), Craig Houston(11:24), Mark Livingstone(12:02), George Irving(12:11), Stuart Moffat(12:51), Colin Miller(13:09), Owen McWilliams(13:25), Jennie Jackson(13:43), Jim Sneddon(14:38), Mike Flinn(13:42), Andy Rennie(14:45), Peter Taylor(15:00), Teri Evans(16:54), Joyce Stewart(18:15), Layna Thompson(19:18), Carol-Anne Harkins(19:21), Liz McGarry(19:21), Colette Austin(20:03), Janet Robertson(20:57), Mary Miller(21:19), Fiona Howie(25:49), Carol Wyllie(26:36).

Irvine Running Club Race Report 27/09/2020

Irvine running club athletes were competing at the prestigious Monument Mile which is held on the Stirling University track and is an event which attracts runners from clubs the length and breadth of Scotland and further afield.  The main talking point was the breaking of four minutes by not one but two athletes in the main race. It has taken eleven years for that to happen in Scotland and it is all due to the high esteem this event carries.
Not to be outdone the three IRC athletes shone under the floodlights at the event which was hosted by Central AC. Lee Shaw busted off the rust of 6 months without races to clock an electric 4:58 in his debut over the mile distance, placing 3rd in his heat. Colin Whitby, back in action after a stellar run at the Larne half marathon, ran a courageous race from the gun to earn a PB in a speedy 4:51, placing 5th in his heat. Michael Rimicans ran a careful, tactical race. After leading for most of the race, Michael then unleashed a powerful finishing kick on the home straight to win his heat, breaking the tape in a personal best of 4:45.
All athletes were delighted to run personal bests and enjoy their first race in a long time.

Closer to home the club organized a three mile time trial in order to give the members some much needed competition. The course started at the low green bridge and headed out across the moor to the recycling centre where they turned and followed the same route back. Fourteen club members turned up for the early morning event and runners were set off at three minute intervals. Ross Harvey now recovered from injury posted the fastest time of the day with 16:25 and Colin Whitby was not far behind with 16:41. Fastest lady was Jennie Jackson with a time of 22:02. Other times were Alex Allardyce (18:32), Alan Douglas (19:18), George Irving (19:49), Jim Sneddon (20:38), Stuart Moffat (20:51), Mike Flinn (23:15), Susan Rhodes (24:59). Layna Thomson (28:35), Joyce Stewart (28:37), Bob Nicol (33:54) and Ian McManus (43:46).

Irvine Running Club Race Report 13/09/2020

With the current restrictions and race cancellations Irvine Running Club members have had to contend themselves with small group training runs and virtual races. However with restrictions now easing race events are starting to take place mainly with smaller fields and Colin Whitby after many months of race inactivity made a start at the County Antrim half marathon. Similar to many of the major races this event was elite only with forty men and forty women making up the field with an ‘A’ and ‘B’ race in each of the categories. The race gained a good deal of publicity as it was packed with champion and international runners including multiple Olympic and World champion Mo Farah. Colin set off with the ‘B’ group where the first four miles consisted of an undulating lap of Larne. The next section headed out along the beautiful Antrim Coast road up to Ballygalley, then looped back into Larne. The Weather conditions were almost ideal except for a strong wind occasionally. Due to the small field the Irvine runner spent most of the time running by himself but was rewarded with an excellent time of 71:49 beating his previous personal best time by over two minutes.