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Winter club championship

The winter championship is to encourage participation in national, district,  Ayrshire, and our own events over the winter months. There are around 15 identified events (best 6 to count) and the scoring format is straight forward. First Irvine finisher in a race gets one point, etc, fastest in a relay or handicap gets one point, etc. As there are two distances in the six stage relay points are awarded against each distance. Obviously with race restrictions quite a few of these events might not take place but hopefully it will pick up near the end of the year. The club captains will take charge of the championship and once we start getting some results in a league table will go out monthly with the newsletter. Hopefully, all club members will support this as there are events for all. The counting events are:


West District CC Relays - 10/10/2020, Cyclists v Harriers - TBC, Ayrshire CC Relays - 17/10/2020, Turkey Trot 10K – 26/12/2020 (TBC)

National CC Relays - 24/10/2020, IRC Xmas Handicap - TB, National Short Course CC - 07/11/2020, Beith 10K - TBC

IRC Chic Forbes Handicap - TBC, Masters Relay - TBC, Kilmarnock CC – TBC, Scottish Masters CC – 06/02/2021

West District CC – 05/12/2020, Scottish CC – 06/03/2021, Ayrshire CC - TBC, Six stage road relay - TBC

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Summer club championship

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